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When you search on GoDaddy, Concentrate on Closeout Domains from the options in the Advanced Options.

There is also category Expiring Auctions where you can find much better domains, but you have to bid on them.

On the Expired Auctions you can get really good domain for about 30-40$ if you take some time to research. ( advanced search- Select 500)

  • Expiring Auctions


  • Closeout Domains.

Godaddy discount coupons – WOWKMB or GDA776.

“Search Results to Return” to 500, copy the domains and analyze

For Bulk Analysis  ( copy every thing)

  • Click the “Extract Domains” button.

-> com/net/org domains
-> aged domains with clear history

  • Netpeak Checker parameters

– PR main page and PR site
– choose only DMOZ
– DOMAIN age

  • the manually for their history.