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  • Aggressive white hat SEO is a service that has been developed specifically for customers seeking sustainable long term results. A service that does not try to cut corners by undertaking short term, software driven black hat tactics that will potentially harm our clients virtual real estate.
  • Google Quality Guidelines – The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community. Creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.
  • What makes us stand out from our competitors? Simply, when you do business with us you are doing business with a organisation that undertakes the full range of SEO services in house. All of our 100+ full time members of staff are permanent employees with none of your work being passed over to outsourcers or freelancers we have no control over. We are not middlemen, we are a service and results driven professional company. Click here to Learn more About Us
  • As we have been providing SEO services to our clients since 2007, you can be assured of total confidence and professionalism in the services that we constantly deliver.
  • Our numerous testimonials attest to the services we have proven to comprehensively provide here on the Warriors Forum since 2011Reviews Are In Descending Order. ( Latest Reviews First)

The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming!

Dear Warriors,

Google Algorithm updates are aimed at providing users with better search results and a superior search experience. Google wants its search results to be natural and free of manipulation. These updates can also be a means of Google targeting manipulated search results or the tools that are utilised to obtain these links.In case you are not aware, the below link examples are violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

• Buying Or Selling links or Link Exchanging
• Using Automated Programs or Services to create links to your site
• Text advertisements that pass Page Rank
• Low-quality directory or bookmark site links
• Forum comments

If you are undertaking any of the above, you are potentially placing your business in Google’s firing line. It is of Paramount Importance to properly evaluate “The Quantity, Quality, and Relevance of the links pointing back to any website(s).”
It’s a fact that the old practice of fast, unnatural, quick link building methods will simply limit the longevity of your business.

It Is Vital To Promote Your Website In The Right Way!!
With the ongoing Google updates, the days of automated, low quality link building methods are over. Google has caught onto this and if you are still practicing these methods to obtain search rankings, your days are numbered.It’s time to switch over to Manual Link Building.

So why would manual link building methods make such a difference and why is this practice the perfect solution for any business with longer term aspirations?

The process of Manual Link Building improves Search results without fear of being penalised because the links that have been created have been undertaken manually. The significance of this process is that the links created all appear totally natural in the eyes of the user and Google. With this manual approach the links created are relevant to the niche in which a business operates and can be human read adding value to the users search experience.

Automated link building tools function more along the lines of a scatter gun and literally fire in any direction, often in huge volumes that simply do not appear to be natural in their appearance. Other alarm bells are set off with automated tools such low IP distribution and multiple links often appearing on the same sites with poorly spun link body content. These tell tale signals leave footprints for search engines to follow and to subsequently penalise what is found at the end of the trail. Put simply, spam link building methods simply do not offer a long-term sustainable approach to link building practices.

One of the reasons why link building tools are created is for employees to be able to create links within Westernised countries at economical prices. Manual link building is a very time consuming process and one that is virtually impossible to undertake in a cost effective manner in a Westernised economy. Our business is based in India where the cost of living is significantly less. This enables us to perform this role at fantastic pricing offering a great return on any investment made with one of our many services.

Aggressive White Hat SEO – Natural, Aggressive & Sustainable !

The key features of our Aggressive White Hat SEO service include:

• 100 % White Hat SEO. NO Search Engine Spamming with Forum Profiles, Comment Spamming with Automatic bots Or SE manipulation from High PR Home page Links (Paid Links) or HIGH Page Rank Networks. This leaves no obvious visual manipulation leaving no footprint to follow.
• Manual Link Building
• Relevant Contextual Backlinks with Link & Anchor Text Diversity.
• Multi Tier Link building.
• Safe from Competitors. Our methods are not easy for Spy tools to observe owing to Multi Tier Link Building practices
• Importance is given to Quality sites, On page and On site SEO. Quality, not quantity is the key.
• Social Media Marketing across a broad spread of sites offering wide IP diversity and the highest quality links
• After performing the required services we will provide detailed reports of the works undertaken. We offer total transparency in our reporting process as we have nothing to hide
• The highest quality service at an unbeatable price !!!

Aggressive White Hat SEO – Content Creation

Another of the virtues of our Aggressive White Hat SEO service is that it includes the creation of content. It is vital that this content is as diverse as possible to obtain the widest spread of IP address and link types pointing back to your sites. 300 quality links of 10 link types are far more powerful and beneficial in the long term that 5000 links of one type. The content type we create includes the following:• Articles – We Create 400-500+ word article optimised for your choice of keywords
• Photo Sharing – Create Images that are suitable for your chosen niche
• Info-graphics – create Info graphics with picktochart
• PowerPoint and Doc sharing – Create PowerPoint Slides And PDF documents to create links on document sharing sites
• Pod Casts – Create a Post-cast with test to speech software to create links on spoken word sites
• Video Creation – Create Video with the help of Animoto or Camtasia for use on YouTube amongst others.

The practice of being at the forefront of content creation is always evolving so we are always looking for new methods of creating the widest diversity of links.

Aggressive White Hat SEO -Link Building Strategies

It is vital to understand that not all links are equal. A link from the homepage of YouTube will contain for more link power than a link from the homepage of Pete’s Pizza’s for example. When you accept and understand this fact, you will come to the same conclusion of virtually all link building providers, that the quantity of the links are of paramount Importance.The content aspect of our services is to provide quality, niche specific relevant content. Once created, we utilise this content in a wide variety of media to maximise its use and our clients website exposure. Look at it as using the same content re-formatted in multiple mediums to achieve maximum impact in different areas of search queries; articles, video, speech, images and so on.

For example, we create an article which we submit to various article directories.
The we convert that article into a PDF which we submit to document share sites.
Convert article and images into slides and submit to power point sharing sites.
Convert the article into audio and submit to podcast directories.
Create a video and submit to sites like YouTube.

Re-purpose Content is Not Duplicate content : Read More

This wide spread of link types offers huge IP diversity. This gives our clients the highest quality links, manually created to achieve the strongest possible link base offering the greatest success to our clients.

It is vitally important to have a wide range of link building strategies and we believe that the above diversity offers a wider link base than any of our competitors ensuring the best possible results for our clients. This is one of the reasons why we have no fear of Google updates as our sites generally improve within search rankings after Google updates because of this vast diversity.

Linking Strategies – Parasite SEO -Tier 1 link Building
Buffer sites OR Tier 1 Links OR Parasite Sites – These are created manually, to the highest quality. – Read MoreWe will create sites within sites to act as a buffer between your money site and links from other websites. We initially create pages within Fanpage, YouTube, Google+1, Twitter etc. which we then use as Buffer sites. The object of buffer sites is to reduce the “link velocity” of links pointing to your money site. Creating high volumes of links using tools could potentially set off alarm bells within the search engines, which could impact on search rankings. By manually creating these buffers it allows us to use automated tools to create links to these buffer sites using tools such as SeNuke, Sick Submitter, Ultimate Demon, Bookmarking Demon, Article Marketing Robot (AMR) etc. This enables us point top quality links to your site. These increase in PR the more pages we add to these buffers sites without risking your main site to any form of penalty making this a very good long term strategy.

Second Tier Link Building..

Once the buffer sites are created, we will create back links to your buffer sites using Semi Automatic Software’s Like -Ultimate Demon, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Article Marketing Robot, Sick Submitter, Bookmarking Demon. There are numerous different tools that we use for tier 2 links. Some of these tools you will perhaps be aware of, others are tools we have had specifically created for this purpose that we keep a little more low key for our clients and our own money sites.

A Second Tier Link Building strategy will help a lot in ranking these buffer sites. Any benefit from the buffer sites is directly pointed to your money site which gives you more creditability and rankings.

Put simply – Rankings = Traffic = Sales.

We Offer Our Services In Form Of Packages.

Affordable Full Time/ Part Time Virtual Assistant (VA)

(Ideal for Webmaster Having Several Sites For example Several Micro Niche sites OR Webmaster wants to do link building for several sites OR Any one who is Reselling High quality SEO/Link building Services)

Dear Warriors, You probably saw existing ranking of our some sites. Its due to the efforts of our SEO team/ SEO VA’s. If they can rank our sites, they can do the same for your sites. I give that Live example to show you, what we are capable off. Just Imagine if this team for work for you. How much traffic you get and how much u make.

Warriors We are proudly offering Full Time/Part Time Trained Virtual Assistant Services. ( VA Services)


-No other Cost involve except the cost of VA. ( Again NO Captcha cost Or any Hidden cost.)
-No need to buy Any software’s.
-No need to train them.
-No need to supervise them.
-No need to monitor them.

VA work for 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week. Working hours 11 AM to 7 PM (G.T.M. + 5.30)
The only thing you need to do is:
1. Send mail & a ton of your work to our VA’s official mail.
2. Check the daily or weekly reports. Weekly reports are better ( let them work for a week, and report u on Saturday)
3. If they are making any mistakes, then notify me so we can fix the issue

All Trained Virtual Assistant have unlimited Access to All The Above software’s

-moz (seomoz)
-Internet Business Promoter (IBP)
-Market Samurai ( keyword Research)
-Animoto ( Videos)
-Piktochart ( Infogaphics) – Not Anymore
-Senuke – Not Anymore
-Sick Submitter
-UltimateDemon – Not Anymore
-Bookmarking Demon – Not Anymore
-Captcha Sniper
-Blog Network – Not Anymore
-Article Marketing Robot – Not Anymore
-PAD Worker & PromoSoft – Not Anymore
-Backlink energizer

All The above software’s and the Servers/ VPS Cost over $500 Per Month

Communication with the VA

– Chat (skype): we will give u a VA and provide you his id
– Email: we will give u his email id.

How to Maximize Profit with VA
Its just a suggestion or a quick tip to make very quick profits

-Buy some Clickbank or Amazon sites or any Quality site from WF Complete Web Sites For Sale!
-Build links go for package 1 or hire a VA
-Our experience say, That site will be rank in First five position in less then three weeks
-According to our experience, it make make decent profits. Collect all the stats ( income proof)
-Go to Flippa and sell the sites.If site is on first page and make say $100 per month. That site can be easily sold for $300 to $500. We did that in past, you can check my Flippa account. By the way, we are making lot of networks for your self, not selling them now. Its a Quick tip to Make Money Fast With, Micro Niche Adsense Sites and Full time VA

How Many Sites A Full Time VA Can do in a month?

Full Time Virtual Assistant (VA) Can do:-

– Twenty Four (24) Tester Package
– Twelve (12) Starter Package
– Eight (8) Silver Package
– Four (4) Gold Package
– Two (2) Platinum Package

How Many Sites A Part Time VA Can do in a month?

Part Time Virtual Assistant (VA) Can do:-

– Twelve (12) Tester Package
– Six (6) Starter Package
– Four (4) Silver Package
– Two (2) Gold Package
– One (1) Platinum Package

What Else VA can do?

Virtual Assistant or Trained SEO Virtual Assistant Can do any thing related to SEO

VA can perform All the above task:

-Package 1 or Package 2 ( according to your instructions)

-Linking Building according to Your instructions (Web 2.0 – Link wheel, Link Pyramid or Link Magnets)
-Article Marketing ( Submit to the Above Blog networks, or submit with AMR or both)
-Video Marketing
-Social Bookmaking
-Social Media Marketing
Local SEO – citation – Read More

In short, Virtual Assistant (VA) can do any thing related to SEO or Social Media Marketing. OR You can hire VA for any above specific task, VA can do Linking Building according to Your instructions or you can Simply opt for Package 1 or Package 2.

Warrior Special Price

Part Time Virtual Assistant (VA)= $250 Per month.

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Monthly Subscription One Off Order

Working 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week.

Full Time Virtual Assistant (VA) = $400 Per month.

Subscribe Buy Now
Monthly Subscription One Off Order

Working 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you are looking for some thing else, then do contact me

Email id: luckyman@luckydigitals.com
Skype: luckyman4ever
Phone: 91-512-2585000

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Google Penalty Recovery Services – Proven Results!
The Most Affordable Private Blog Network (PBN) SET UP & Maintenance SERVICE !!
Aggressive White Hat SEO – Google Page 1 With Manual Link Building – Proven Results!
Best SEO Tools & Experienced SEO Team At Most Affordable Price.
Infographic Creation & Distribution Services At Most Affordable Price – Starts At Only $25!!!

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